Available photo prints: 
Matted: 5x7 & 8x10.  No mat 11x14.   
16x16 canvas & 16x24 metal are also available

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Sale - Swan Lake
A pair of Trumpeter Swans and their feathered friends waking up to a foggy morning in the valley.
Sale - Ray's Old Truck
Ray's old truck was a picturesque setting in the woods as it gathered moss and leaves. This image was taken in 2019 before construction nearby damaged the truck in 2020.
Sale - End of the Rainbow
This perfectly positioned double rainbow answers the question of what is at the end of the rainbow - Duvall. Taken in 2006 when the wagon had not yet given into time and weather.
Sale - Ruby Beach God Rays
Typically hidden by fog and clouds, pure magic happens on a clear summer morning sunrise at Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park.
Sale - Rainbow at Snoqualmie Falls
Look closely and you can see the rays from the setting sun making a lovely rainbow in the mist from the falls. At 268 feet, Snoqualmie Falls is both a popular scenic tourist site and a sacred, spiritual place of the Snoqualmie people. The historic Salish Lodge & Spa at the edge of the falls has provided its famous breakfast for travelers and guest for 100 years.
Sale - Cape Flattery
Welcome to the home of the Makah, the Cape People. Cape Flattery, near Neah Bay, is the beginning of their world and the most northwesterly tip of the contiguous United States. Stroll along the scenic trail and see the eagles soaring, hear the seals barking and look for the whales swimming in the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary off the shoreline.
Sale - Site Lake Reflections
The Cascade mountains are reflected on Sites Lake, while the ground fog provides a nice backlight to the bare trees in the early morning winter light.
Sale - Old Tolt Bridge
The old Tolt Bridge was built in 1922. This image was taken in 2006 before the bridge was rebuilt in 2008
Sale - Good Morning Sunshine!
On a beautiful spring morning, if you time it just right, you can cross the Snoqualmie Valley and be welcomed the sun.
Sale - Winter on the Snoqualmie Trail
The 31 mile Snoqualmie Valley trail starts in Duvall and ends at Rattle Snake Lake. The quiet and beauty on the trail after a snowfall is a memory to savor.
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